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Company introduction

Formerly known as Sunny Global Holdings Limited, the company reorganized in 2009, and in 2012, changed its name to China Public Procurement Limited (CPP).  Guocai (Hong Kong) Technology Co,. Limited.  became CPP’s single largest shareholder.

CPP is the first company to be authorized by the central government to provide China public procurement e-platform service, including electronic public procurement platforms for planning, designing, software development, construction and investment, operations management, procurement agency, financial service and third party services.  CPP also provides total solutions related to public procurement e-platforms.

The company's shareholders include the PRC’s China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce.  As the unit leaders and major shareholders of China Public Procurement Limited, China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce appointed directors to be involved in the Board’s daily decisions, which will play a significant role in promoting the company's development. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, is the PRC’s most authoritative and influential trade association. China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing provides its professional advice to coordinate the industry, setting norms and regularly publishing an industry information and index for the central government to establish industry development policy. China Electronic Chamber of Commerce, with members throughout central government departments, provinces and cities nationwide, aims to coordinate and promote the national electronic and information industry development of national industry associations.


Management structure

Company positioning

China Public Procurement Limited is a company specializing as a service provider in electronic public procurement platforms.

Company mission

By building China's largest trading platform for electronic public procurement, the mission of our company is to provide transparent and equitable public procurement services; to prevent illegal acts of corruption in the process of procurement and reduce costs, to improve efficiency and create value for the enterprise and its shareholders, and to simultaneously promote social harmony and contribute to development.

Business model

CPP, through independent research and development of electronic public procurement platform software and intellectual property, as well as the professional marketing research and operation management team to provide customers with comprehensive solutions on public procurement and professional business management services.

Strategic goals
Through mergers and acquisitions and inclusion of both the rapid development and content models, and within five years in the Chinese public procurement market having earned a market share of around 25%, CPP aims to be the market leader as well as the rule maker for the public procurement industry.

Business prospects
In 2012, the volume of public procurement of Chinese government was more than RMB 1.3 trillion, an average annual growth of more than 30%, accounting for 10% of expenditure and about 2% of GDP. Conservatively projecting an existing growth rate of 18%, by 2016, the scale of national government procurement will reach RMB 2.2 trillion.

With continuing development of China’s current economy, the scale of government procurement will further expand, and, compared to other developed countries, should amount to 40% of fiscal expenditures, which accounted for 17% of their GDP, there should be  huge room for the expansion of the scale of government procurement in China.


Former company name: Sunny Global Holdings Ltd;

Company renamed after corporate restructure: China Public Procurement Ltd (CPP);

Authorized by the PRC central government to develop and operate the China Public Procurement e-platform;

Guo Cai (Hong Kong) Technology Co Ltd becomes the single major shareholder; the Board has appointed Mr. Cheng Yuan Zhong as the Chairman, and Mr. Ho Wai Kong as the Honored Chairman;

The Board was reorganized , and Mr. Cheng Yuan Zhong and Mr. Chen Shu Lin have been appointed as Joint Chairmen; Mr. Ho Wai Kong as Honored Chairman; other newly joined directors of diversified expertise; appointed ShineWing CPAs as the new auditors.

Obtained approval from Qianhai Shenzhen-Hong Kong Modern Service Industry Cooperation Zone and established financial services companies in Qianhai.

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